Friday, September 12, 2008

Hello there, just wanted to give you an update on what's going on.

1. Claire informed me on Sunday that she and her friend Saffi both want to marry Caleb (a cute little guy in their Sunbeam church class). It's okay though because they have worked out a good solution, "whomever grows up the fastest gets to marry him." Claire was pretty pleased with this stipulation, I think she thinks she'll win the growing race since she's taller.

2. I've started doing a little home pre-school group with two other moms up here for Claire and her friends. We're just searching for free internet sites and ideas to match up themes for each week. I'm doing next week with the letters E and F. Any good ideas or internet sites I should check out?

3. Our computer crashed. Seriously!!! I always seem to have a good excuse for why my blog isn't up to date, but it's valid. Sadly, I hadn't backed up my pictures for the last 5 months. Just another reason why I should stay on top of this blog and regularly upload pictures to it!

4. We bought a bike trailer to hitch up to Bryce's bike and cart the girls around in. We've only used it a handful of times, but it's been wonderful! Rochester has miles and miles of paved bike paths that wind all over the city. I am not very good on my bike, turns still make me nervous and I'm about 76% of the time on the right side of the path, but I really enjoy it. I have visions of turning pro on my bike and using it hard core in the summer. I'd also really like to go on a biking/camping trip some time.

Hmm, when I started this post I really thought I'd have more news to give. :) I guess I'll just wrap things up by saying that life is good and I feel blessed every day. I'm writing this while waiting for the girls to settle down for the night. They think it's funny to keep leaving their room. Claire just barely came sneaking down the stairs and when Bryce asked her why she was here, she said, "Cady told me to!" Bryce then asked her if Cady is her boss. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Mom? Well, wish us luck! Hope you all are having a great day.