Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Our LOOOOOOONG bike ride

Hi guys! We are officially cyclists. It all started when Tyson (Bryce's co-resident) called us Sunday night and left a message asking us if we wanted to pack a picnic and go on a long bike ride on Memorial Day. We called back Monday morning and set a time to meet. I began making sandwiches while Bryce went to the store to buy a bike rack for our car. A few hours later and we were on our way. We drove to the Douglas Trail, about 10 minutes from our house. After the girls were nicely situated in our bike trailer, the journey commenced. It was a perfect day - about 70 degrees, sunny, with a constant light breeze. After about 4 miles we stopped to rest at an old water pump/picnic area in Douglas (a very, very small town). After we finished eating our picnic and the girls stretched their legs for a bit, we continued on the trail. It was a beautiful trail with honeysuckles, wild rhubarb, little farms tucked here and there throughout our path, and greenery everywhere. We rode another 9 more miles until the trail finally ended at Pine Island. Fortunately for us, there was a beautiful park and playground at the end of the trail. The girls were troopers during the ride, but they were more than ready to get out and play. Crazy enough, the 13 miles we had biked didn't seem that long or hard. The trail was very level due to the fact that it was built and paved directly over an old train track route.

The 13 miles back was a different story. The wind was now actively blowing against us the entire way. Poor Bryce, the bike trailer that he was pulling was acting like a "parachute loaded with bricks" as Lindsey so appropriately described it. :) Well, long story short, we made it back to the cars. And yes, we felt pretty proud of ourselves for having accomplished a 26 mile bike ride!!! Despite the fact that we had no idea just how "long" the bike ride would be when we first agreed to go, I would totally do it again! I have discovered that I'm more "outdoorsy" than I once thought. I would take biking over running any day. Bryce and I have talked about trying to get out and do this a little more often now that we have a bike rack. :) However, before I turn pro, my first investment is going to be a padded seat!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Claire's photo shoot

When Claire came home from preschool, I thought it would be fun to have her do the same thing. You'll notice that I have less pictures of Claire in this collage. As a disclaimer, that is not due to a lack of effort on my part. Imagine those few pictures of her pouting I included in here times 50. Evidentally, she did not agree with my idea of fun. Can't imagine why. Who wouldn't love to sit on a bathroom counter (she ended up sitting in the sink), with a clip you do NOT want in your hair (that's what started the pouting), and being told to smile for 5 minutes. :) Poor girl.

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Cady's Photo Shoot

Hi guys! So, I've been seeing some amazing photography of your children posted on your blogs and decided to give it a try myself. It all started when Claire was at preschool and I decided to curl Cady's hair and put a new hair bow in. I had her up on the counter in the bathroom and thought it would be cute with the mirror behind her. As you can see in her pictures, she was loving it. Cady is the kind of girl who could happily spend the rest of her life in front of a mirror. :)

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We are prepared!

So, this is a tribute to Claire and her 72 hour kit. My parents gave us 72 hour kits for the girls this past Christmas. It had a few things like coloring books, crayons, ponchos, a compass/whistle, and a flashlight included. Claire has been asking me all kinds of questions about 72 hour kits and why we have them. I told her it was in case there is an emergency (like a flood or fire) and we had to leave our house quickly. She went into her room and emerged about 45 minutes later with her 72 hour kit. Some of the things she had in there were her baby doll, cabbage patch doll and accessories, princess coloring book, stuffed dog, plastic plates from a princess tea set, overalls and shirt, black sunday shoes, a snack baggy filled with goldfish and raisins, among other things. She also figured out how to clip on more bags with a beaner buckle that came with one of her pants. She has kept this 72 hour kit near her at all times for the last week. She sleeps with it next to her bed and carries it from room to room with her. Fear not, this girl is prepared!