Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Oh, to be loved.

Bryce has definitely been the hero around our house lately. With him being gone so much, the girls just can't get enough of him and he, poor guy, can't get any space. He laid down on the couch, completely exhausted, only to have two little monkeys climb up on his back and snuggle in. I was in the kitchen and I heard him sigh and then say, "At least I'm loved." :) There are definitely worse things.

There's no room!

This is what Cady says every morning when we are all squished into my queen sized bed. Yes, all of us, including their blankies and bears too! Can you imagine how tightly packed we are when Bryce and I are in there too? We keep cycling through this terrible habit of letting the girls come into our bed at night. Normally Cady will come in around 3 am, and she fits fine in our bed. Then, Claire will occassionally wander into our room after that, and how can I tell her no when Cady is already in there? Rather than put Cady back in her bed and have her start crying and throwing a fit, I just scoot over more and let Claire climb on in. This is definitly not a recipe for a good night's sleep! And yet, they love our bed so much. Look at how blissfully content they are. :) What I need is a couple of nights in a row of really crummy sleep, and then I'll toughen up and tell them to sleep in their own bed.

Family Pictures

The Mall playground

One of our favorite places to go when we're getting restless is the mall playground. I love the nature theme of it, and the girls have a lot of room to run around. Too bad every one else likes to go there too. :) Free indoor play places are in high demand over here during the winter! Which, by the way, is lasting forever! We are extremely ready for Spring to come and the snow to melt. I've been told that things should get warmer and the snow should stop by May, although it has snowed in June before. Here's hoping that it doesn't happen this year!

Our Body Machine Girl!

We have a book and tape called, "My body machine." It talks about eating healthy and keeping our body strong. Claire took this to heart, and has been eating lettuce ever since. I chopped some Romaine lettuce for a salad and she snuck the end of the bunch from the counter while I wasn't looking. She carried it over to her dinner plate and went to town on it. Yes, she really was tearing in to it. The funny thing was that she didn't even touch her salad with the yummy cucumbers and tomatoes and dressing on it. Well, I didn't complain. :) I'll let her eat my leftover lettuce any time!

How much is that doggie in the window...

Swiper...what can I say about this dog. I alternate just about every minute between loving him and regretting having ever laid eyes on him. This is a picture I took of him one of the many times I had decided to sell him. I had to have a picture to post of him, right? Well, shortly after I took it, I changed my mind. This picture was taken minutes after he peed on my nice new couch for the first time. Sigh. I'm hoping that things will get easier with him once the weather gets nicer and we can take him outside to burn some of that energy off! :) Despite our woes with potty training him, we're going to keep him. For now that is...


We gave the girls grapefruit one morning for breakfast and Bryce split his with me. I wasn't in the kitchen at the time, so he put it on the counter and told the girls to save it for me. As you can see, they didn't care for that suggestion. Claire went to her room, pulled out her little yellow chair, and they both climbed up and dug in...literally! Naughty, but very very cute.

Flower Child


Claire did her hair herself. Like the flowers? I've started trying to make my own flower clips, and as you can see, Claire likes to wear them...all at once!
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Lunchtime pictures

So I find that I take the most pictures of my girls while they are eating. It's probably because that's the only time that they sit still for me. :) Don't mind the food on the table and their faces!