Monday, March 28, 2011

The last 4 months in a nutshell...

My big girl Claire.

Yes...he's chewing on a bannana peel. (He's learned that there are all kinds of treasures to be found by reaching into the trashcan!)

Baby shower for Rahnie!

Happy first birthday Ronnow! Bryce and the girls are opening his present (a super cute ride-along train), while Ronnow plays with the box. :)

Yes...he is eating an onion. This is his favorite thing to pull out of the cabinet and munch on. Yuck! Oh, and the girls were just posing for the picture. :) They'd rather eat different things. :)

Merry Christmas Claire! She got what she really wanted, a "realistic baby doll."

A reunion with our dear friends from Oregon, the Ries family. (Their son married a girl from MN, how cool is that?)

Handsome Ronnow. I love dressing him up in his Sunday clothes.

The Leavitt family. (JaNae took family pictures while we were visiting for Christmas, I'll post our family pictures up as soon as I figure out how)

Merry Christmas Cady! She got what she really wanted, a pixie hollow tea set with Rosetta the fairy. Can you tell she was excited?

Little diva. :)

Christmas lights at the Ethel Merman favorite part was how they put lights on the cactus!

Our future quarterback.

We went to an outdoor hunting store where they had all kinds of safari animals stuffed and on display. When we came upon this setup of a mannican repelling down a cliff, Cady, clearly worried, leaned over and whispered, "Mom, did they catch that man?"

Visiting with Grandma Toni. We love this woman, she is an inspiration to us.

Happy birthday Cady!

Can you believe this man grew up in the desert? :) I'd say he's acclimated to MN rather well.

Horse and buggy rides---beautiful, picturesque, quaint, but always slower and colder than I remember!

The girls playing in our front yard with their neighbor friend Cole. (Cady's eating snow, she does that every time she goes outside...I had to give her the talk about NEVER eating snow if it's yellow...)