Friday, September 28, 2007

Sad News for Cady...

Cady then

Cady a few days ago :( (I can't even get her blankies away when she takes her bath!)

This is a real tragedy in the Leavitt household. Cady, , has lost her special blankie (see above picture). I'm not kidding when I say this has completely thrown off our entire family's equilibrium!!! I think I got about 50 minutes straight sleep last night, Cady kept waking up and crying out for her blankie. Hmm, I think crying out is a mild term, how about waking up and getting out of her bed screaming while wandering the hallway and then tugging my hand until I get out of bed to go look for it with her. Oh, and then multiply that by 8 times. I didn't help any that I was sick and throwing up in between crying spells as well. It was a rough night. I'm figuring we dropped it on the sidewalk somewhere outside of Mayo clinic, and it hasn't shown up at any of the lost and founds we've checked. Someone must've found a dingy pink rag and thrown it away without another thought. The good news is that my sister made that blankie for Cady about 2 years ago, and she still has a bit of the fabric left, so hopefully we'll have the new one on the way soon. Now, thanks to my friend Elizabeth's suggestion, I'm telling Cady that the "Blankie Fairy" has her blankie and that if she goes to bed and sleeps really well the next few days, the fairy will bring her back the blankie all beautiful and looking brand new! :) Pure genious. Hopefully it'll work and we can all resume our sleeping during the night. Wish me luck!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Sneaky Cady

We've decided as of today that Cady has some sneakiness in her. This is one of the faces she makes when she knows she's being mischievious. :) She's absolutely adorable, but like most little kids, she has a hard time listening and following through when we tell her not to do something. Today Bryce was doing a lot of repairs and random jobs throughout the house, and Cady was absolutely fascinated with his tool case. She followed him around from room to room trying to get into the tools when we weren't looking. She got her hands on them a few times!

Daddy Dentist




Here's Bryce doing what he does best. :) He did a random plaque check this morning. The girls love it when he does this! They hold perfectly still and let him turn their heads every which way. Very cute.
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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Fall Celebration: Apple Orchard

We went to the Fall Celebration at an apple orchard yesterday. This was a lot of fun! We took a wagon ride up to the orchard and then went through a corn maze. We gave the girls an ear of dried out corn, and they kept trying to eat it. We then walked around and picked and tasted lots of different kinds of apples. My favorite was the Honeycrisp, and Bryce's was the Chestnut. We ate a few grapes off of the vine, which was Cady's favorite part. We also saw a little petting zoo thing with bunnies, lamas, and sheep. We then went to the store and got the girls some caramel apples. This really was a fun evening out. I never knew how many different types of apples there were! I love fall.




This is Claire after church today. She decided it would be fun to become a member of our baking family and live with the flour and cooking supplies. :) She brought her special blankie in with her and made herself comfortable. Cady wanted in on the fun too, but was having trouble closing the doors.
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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Claire's Nap

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This funny girl decided she wanted to take a nap some where new, so she took her princess pillow outside. We decided to use towels instead of her blanket so it wouldn't get dirty. I helped her set up her bed and she insisted on sleeping on the rocks under the porch. I don't know why that appealed more to her than the soft green grass. Oh, and she didn't last more than 4 minutes before she was dragging her pillow back inside again. :)

Cady Bug Lady Bug

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Bryce found a lady bug in the back yard and brought it up to show to Cady. She was completely entranced with it. Cady loves any kind of animal, bug, or insect. This was a cute daddy daughter moment, and, of course, I was all over it.

She's moving in!

Yesterday, Claire started carrying her dresses one at a time from her room into ours. I finally caught on and went to see what she was doing. She had moved all of the dresses from her closet into her dads. She told us she was moving in. :)