Thursday, September 23, 2010


Hello! Here are some family updates:

Ronnow is almost 7 months now and starting to crawl! He is a very sweet happy little boy who positively lights up when he sees his dad--definitly a daddy's boy. He loves to watch and laugh at his sisters too. He has brought so much joy to our family. My fears of having a boy were apparently nonfounded. :) Or is it too early for me to be saying this? Every time I take him to church, I get so many comments on how he looks like his daddy. It's so true! I think my favorite thing about Ronnow are his ears---such Leavitt ears!

Claire has started Kindergarten! The first day was rather traumatic for both of us, lots of tears, (Of course, I waited until she had left). I had felt nothing other than excitement for her to go, but then once she boarded the bus, it sunk little buddy was leaving me, every day, for the rest of her life!!! (Or so it seems). I'm happy to say that with each day that has passed, Claire has gotten more comfortable with school and is almost eager to board the bus and go to her class. I have high hopes for her this year.

Cady is doing Preschool now, three days a week. She loves it! The first day that I picked her up from school she burst out, even before I could ask, "Mom, I had a gweat time at Pweschool today!!" :) Yes, she still has a hard time with her letter "r" and it is so cute! She is enjoying her one on one time with me twice a week as well. Thus far, we have played princesses and littlest pet shops every afternoon after Claire gets on the bus. And yes, she is wearing makeup in the first picture...she let me pratice on her. :) I got this eye makeup book from the library and had already tried one style on me that morning...It really has been nice having this time with her. :D She enjoys it too.

Bryce and I are doing really well, we've just been doing our things and enjoying our sweet children. Bryce is in his fourth year of oral & maxillofacial surgery residency and will graduate from Mayo medical school in June. We're starting to think about our future and where it may take exciting! Well, got to go pick up Claire from school now, but I will be posting again! (Especially now that I've figured out this new set up and how to post pictures, I was struggling for a while with this!)
I love this picture! I think it says a lot about our girls. :D
Hope you all are doing well!