Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Snow day!

What fun! Today we got about 6 inches of snow as well as freezing rain. It snowed a good part of the day. It was funny, we got all bundled up at 7:30 am because the girls simply could not wait to go play in the snow. I carried the girls down our back stairs and went to get the snow shovel to start working on our driveway. I hadn't been working longer than 2 minutes and cleared more than 4 feet of our driveway (which is at least 30 feet long) before I heard Cady crying. I looked over at her and she hadn't moved from where I set her down. She was all done with the cold snow and ready to go back inside! Needless to say, Bryce ended up shoveling the driveway all by himself. Even though it was very cold (and windy) outside, the snow was really exciting. Claire went outside 4 different times, she couldn't get enough! This afternoon we had hot chocolate and cinnamon rolls and listened to the Carpenter's Christmas Album while we watched the snow. Life is good. :)

Ready for snow!

My short effort at shoveling our driveway.
What a man! Bryce hard at work.
Having fun in the backyard.
Claire looking out our front window, watching the snow.

Claire playing with the umbrella outside. :) Don't know where she got the idea, but she was having fun with it.

Cady's Birthday

Cady turned 2 on November 25. It was a nice day, we celebrated by making a brownie cake and eating it with ice cream. :) We'll have a party next year.
Birthday girl!
Making the cake...licking the batter!
Eating the cake.

She's got the moves!

We went to a Christmas concert in the mall given by the "Teddy Bear Band." This was a really cute event, and Claire was loving it. This is a clip of her dancing. What can I say, she got her moves from her dad. :D