Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Current Events

Hello! It's me again. :) I have a few minutes this morning to post some pictures of what we've been up to lately. Enjoy!

I went to time out for women in Minneapolis with a wonderful group of women, it was so much fun! We left friday and returned Saturday evening. It was like EFY for grown ups! I returned home feeling inspired to be better and much rejuvenated. I'd say the most important thing I took home was to make my time count with my children.

Happy Halloween! The girls were witches this year. I shopped the after halloween clearance last year and they even had little cauldron buckets for their candy. Sigh, so cute!

Claire is going to preschool this year, and I'm doing a co-op with some moms for Cady. I made their little welcome board and felt so proud of how it turned out that I just had to show everyone. :) Yes, I spent way too much time on it! When the girls arrive, we have them find their name, take it down, and trace it with a washable marker (they've all been laminated). They love looking at their pictures too.

Claire has started her ice skating class. I LOVE watching her do this. Her class is for 4-5 year olds and they are so darling. Yes, there is a lot of falling, but Claire is a champ and just keeps getting up. I always knew her determined personality would serve her well. :) It's nice to start seeing the benefits of this instead of hopefully telling myself, "Some day it'll be great that she's so headstrong!"

Cady is now taking gymnastics, her class of choice. She is so cute in her little leotard. Unfortunatly, the parents have to stay in a little observation room, so I was unable to get any better pictures of her. She loves to dance and tumbling is right up her alley too!

I've learned to crochet recently and it has been so much fun! I haven't had the time to branch out much yet, so far I've been making beanie caps with flowers. It is addictive and so much fun!!

I decided to participate in the Mayo craft fair this past weekend and sell my hats. I was nervous before hand, I had no idea what to expect. Everything came together perfectly though, it was really a blast! Bryce helped me the night before by assembling my little display bow holders. He drilled holes for dowel rods in some scrap wood we had and I painted them black. Bryce attached chicken wire to an extra picture frame for me. I glued fabric to the back of the frame, and voila. It was so easy! (Thanks for all of your help and ideas Sara!). The only drawback to my display was that people didn't realize that the flowers in the vase were actually hair clips!

The craft fair was buzzing the entire time, I actually sold 15 of my 20 hats (I had only infant sizes left at the end) and took orders for 32 more! I will definitely participate in this again next year. I don't think you can tell from my big smile in the picture how much fun I was really having. ;)

So, that's the past month in a nut shell. Wheew. I hope you all are doing well also, and thanks for checking out our blog!