Friday, July 24, 2009

We're ready!

I've been gearing up for our trip to NC...the girls and I leave tomorrow and will be there for 3 weeks!!! I am so incredibly excited, it feels like ages since I've seen my family. Bryce is going to be able to come out for 5 days as well.

One of the big events of our trip is my counsin Nancy's wedding. Claire gets to be the flower girl and is oh so excited about this. I finished both her and Cady's dresses. No, Cady is not a flower girl, but she wanted a pretty dress too. :) Go figure. I used a sheer fabric with Cady's dress that I had originally bought to use for Claire's dress but didn't use (I decided to go for simple elegance).

We went out and bought shoes, headbands, and necklaces yesterday. This is the result of our photo shoot. I wont be posting again for about a month, so enjoy the pictures!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

More Spam Please!

I don't know what happened to me today but I woke up feeling really restless! I felt like I needed to leave not only my house but Rochester as well. I charged up the portable dvd player, re-activated the trak-fone, paged Bryce to let him know we were going on a trip, packed lunch, and away we went. We went to a place about 35 minutes away...the Spam factory!

Believe it or not, the factory is very nice to tour and it shows the history of Spam, variety of ways to cook it, sample platters, old advertisments from the 1940s, and has a little dress up and play area.

We came home 2 hours later feeling happy and refreshed. I'm going to have fun telling Bryce all of the little known facts about our dinner tonight...Spam!

Strawberry time

It's one of my favorite summer activities, picking strawberries! We went for FHE on Monday night and picked strawberries for about an hour. It was a lot of fun, Bryce and I picked a lot of good ones and Claire and Cady ate a lot of good ones. :) The only down side was when my arms broke out in hives. I guess I'm allergic to some of the weeds that were out there. These darned allergies, they keep cramping my style! You can't see them very well, but my arms were covered in little white bumps. Next time I'll have to wear long sleeves. I spent most of the day on Tuesday making Strawberry jam, yummy. I do need help with one thing---does anyone know how to can strawberry jam and have the fruit not all rise to the top? Any tips are appreciated. :) Hope you all are having a wonderful summer.

Sticky hands!

The spoils of our labor.