Tuesday, December 14, 2010

New pictures

So, as you know, life is busy. :) But Buffy convinced me that I have time enough to just post plain pictures on the blog. Here you go! A few little snapshots of our life. One note, I had uploaded some pictures on Bryce's laptop so I don't have pics of the girls on Halloween or their birthday parties. More to come later.


Shelise said...

Oh Jean, I love these pictures. I wish we could live by each other. I miss family so much. Your kids are just adorable. Did the girls put wings on Ronnow? That picture of Ronnow at the piano looks vaguely familiar. lol. I want one of everything you had at the craft fair. haha. All of it is SO CUTE!!! You're so talented. AND your hair looks so beautiful. I can't believe how long it is.

Brandi said...

Jean, there is a good chance you have THE cutest family ever.. a very good chance.

Jean Leavitt said...

:) you guys are so sweet. Thanks for the comments!

And yes, the girls did put wings on Ronnow! There's also a green tinkerbell skirt on him too that you can't really see. :D I guess that's what you get when you've got two older sisters!

Sara said...

Jean, your baby is super duper adorable!!!! As are your girls, as we all know. And you look so fantastic!!! You look the same as you did in high school, thin, beautiful, lovely hair--amazing! I had to prep Cameron that you have Dad's skin and you are going to age much more gracefully than me, and he just has to accept that! ;) So fun to see new pics!

Molly said...

New pictures, yeah!!!! The Halloween photos are great. I just have one word for you Jean dear: gorgeous. You & your family look amazing.
Miss you guys too much!!!

Anonymous said...

Il semble que vous soyez un expert dans ce domaine, vos remarques sont tres interessantes, merci.

- Daniel

Rhonda said...

It's been awhile since I checked blogs. These are all so cute! I love the king hat.

Buffy said...

Ronnow is just so, so, so adorable. His eyes in particular just pop right out at you in that to-die-for chubby face.

McAllister Family said...

Your kids are absolutely adorable, Jean! What a beautiful family!

Sara said...

Okay Jean, it's been almost FOUR MONTHS; time again for some more pictures of your cute family! And get your darn phone changed so you can call me again!


phann son said...

Jean, your baby is super duper adorable!

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