Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving madness

Why do guys play football on Thanksgiving? It has never made sense to me. Well, for someone unfathomable reason, they love it. Here's my man ready to take on the entire other team. :)

*Special note, this picture was taken before the ambulance and four police car units were sent to the field to rush one of the men playing to the hospital. (It involved a head, a shoulder, and three broken facial bones). Once again, why do guys do this?

Bryce turned on the Food network channel the day before thanksgiving and decided to make the turkey himself. He soaked it in Brine and roasted it in the oven. Then, he carved it and arranged it in the coolest way! It totally looks like a turkey! :) I was so impressed (i.e. relieved, grateful not to have to do it myself) that I gave him the job for ever more.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Molly said...

This year, I reminisced about Thanksgiving past with you guys in Rochester. sigh. I was so happy that year. We had so much fun together Jean. Wish we still lived close....