Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The story of a picture

It all started when I was wearing my favorite apron (a wonderful creation from Rhonda) while washing dishes.

Cady and Claire were going through the Christmas box putting up decorations and stumbled across our Santa Hats. Cady then brought me a hat to wear, so I put it on.

After finishing the dishes, I warmed up some milk for Ronnow's bottle (yes, I still give him a bottle before bed...hey, the routine works! I don't want to mess things up) scooped Ronnow up from the mischief he was currently engaged in, and carried him to his room to read some bedtime stories.

Not two pages into our first book, both girls wander into the room and perch where they too can hear the beloved, much listened to "Going to bed" book by Sandra Boynton.

Bryce happened to look into Ronnow's room as he passed by, laughed and said, "I need to grab the camera."

And that is how this picture came to be.

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