Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tribute to Gingerbead houses

Well, I tried.

For the second year in a row I have made the ginger bread batter from scratch a day ahead. (So the dough can chill).

I have baked the dough hours in advance of building time. (So the walls will harden).

I have unwrapped insane amounts of candy. (So it'll look cute).

I even planned a Family Home Evening lesson on homes and how they can be like heaven on earth. (So I'll have a guilt free conscience when I go to bed Monday night)

During FHE, we all talked about what we can do to make our home better

*Claire and Cady will both share more
*Mom will be more patient
*Dad will "try not to drive mom nuts" (I responded tartly that that he's already failing with that kind of answer...I guess we both had a pretty short life regarding our resolutions) :D

We then made gingerbread houses. The only problem was that I used leftover strawberry icing from Cady's cake. The icing wouldn't stick! We couldn't get the walls and roof to stay upright. I wish I had taken a picture of the failed attempt. I didn't because I was too discouraged at the end result of my hard labor.

Suffice it to say, strawberry frosting everywhere, sticky candy faces and fingers, and kinda-sorta happy kids. I had to convince them that it was more fun to eat the house than make a beautiful one to look at.

Lesson learned: make the darned home-made icing recipe included with the batter recipe! :)


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